Wine Logistics & Warehouse

Wine Logistics Solution

VHK Logistic holds a Dutiable Commodities Licence authorised by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. This allows us to provide a bonded warehouse; end-to-end wine logistics solutions including freight, customs clearance, storage, and distribution (for both B2B and B2C); and exhibition logistics.

To protect wine cargo from port to port, we adhere to a strict set of quality-control measures for environmental temperature and humidity, and to effectively handle fragile wine bottles.

Safety and security
Our climate-controlled facility is ideal for wine storage, and we offer a stock-control system, realtime tracking, and professional handling. With full insurance coverage and full CCTV coverage, you can rest assured your goods are secure and protected.

Transportation solutions
For local or cross-border transportation in China, customs declarations, temperaturecontrolled trucking, or urgent deliveries, our professional truck team are on hand to organise the services you need.

Additional services
To help get your goods to market at their best, we offer wine gift packaging design, wine bottle labelling, and presentation packaging services from creative and experienced professionals.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse and Nominated Bonded Logistics Area:

  • High Security Storage.
  • 24 Hours Guards On Duty and CCTV fully Coverage.
  • Climate Controlled Facility.
  • Advanced Warehouse Management System and Stocks Control System.
  • Real Time Status and Tracking Facilities.
  • Professional Handling for Every Single Cargos Movement.
  • Full Insurance Coverage.

Professional Transportation

  • Own Truck Team for Local Delivery.
  • Nominate Trucks with Temperature Control For Local Delivery and Pick Up.
  • Reefer Container For Cross Border Delivery.
  • Nominate Domestic Or Haulage Transportation in China.
  • Customs Declaration.
  • Urgent Orders, Same Day Deliveries & New Wine Sample Deliveries.
  • Comprehensive Transportation Insurance Coverage.

Value-Added Services

  • Wine Gift Packaging Design and Repacking Services.
  • Wine Bottle Labelling and Label Design.
  • Wine Gift Sets & Presentation Packaging.