3PL & Warehouse

VHK offers 3PL logistics services. It is a “ONE STOP SERVICES” from Cargos transportation arrangements, Consolidation Cargos at VHK Warehouse, Value Added Services till Distribution / Export arrangements. Enabled by our own logistics warehouse and supporting infrastructures such as Racks, Forklift, Reach Truck, Electric Pallet Jet, Barcode Scanner & Data Transmission Terminal, VHK also established an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Point of Delivery system (POD). Logistics and warehouse outsourcing to VHK with leveraging our logistics infrastructure with management platform could definitely help enterprises in cost saving and service improvement.

Warehouse Facilities

  • Security CCTV (Over 20 Cameras) & Alarmed Storage
  • Security Building
  • Full Insurance Coverage
  • Equipment-Forklift, Electrical Pallet Jack & Reach Truck, etc.
  • Locked & Restricted Area for Valuable Cargos
  • Temperature Control Storage Area
  • Warehouse Management & POD Systems support operation
  • Barcode scanning for Cargos to ensure accuracy of Cargos In, Out and Inventory
  • Close to Air-Port and Container Terminal

Warehouse Basic Services:

  • Storage
  • Storage with Temperature Control
  • Storage for Valuable Cargos
  • Cargos Consolidation
  • Cargos Sorting
  • Container Stuffing and Un-stuffing
  • Palletizing
  • Stock Control & Stock Take

Warehouse Value Added Services:

  • Daily Replenishment
  • International Distribution Centre Operation
  • ECOMM Warehousing and Operation
  • Pick & Pack, Re-pack / Special Package, etc.
  • Kitting and Assembling Services
  • Barcode Scanning, Existing Barcode Capture, Labelling & Re-labelling, etc.
  • Material Purchasing Services / Sourcing / Merchandise
  • Reports (eg. Inventory Report, etc.)

VHK Warehouse Management System provides

  • Customer place orders online
  • Photo capture when cargos Gate In
  • Capture Customer’s existing barcode from cargos
  • Generate new barcode for cargos (this function particularly for re-packing / re-process / assembling cargos)
  • Barcode scanning record cargos movement & location in warehouse (Movement includes: Gate In, Putaway, Storage, Freeze/Un-Freeze, Pick, Pack, Pending, Gate Out and cargos location, etc.)
  • Cargos tracking online (Customers able to track cargos’ real time status, photos and inventory online)
  • Reports – Customers able to generate reports online. (eg. Inventory Report and Packing List, etc.)